Brendan uses an Epson SCP9000 printer to make giclée prints. The SCP9000 uses 11 different colored Epson Ultrachrome HDR inks. The inks are pigmented and the paper he uses is specially coated. This combination of ink and paper produces museum quality, archival prints.

Brendan uses Epson's Bright and Natural Hot and Cold Press papers. The papers are on  up to 44 inch wide rolls - thereby allowing for very large prints.

When you're reproducing an artist's work, you must get all the colors, highlights, and shadow details just right. Brendan is an expert at color matching. He even creates his own paper profiles for the SCP9000.

Buschi Art was built and thrives on high quality output, and the word of mouth of happy customers. Fast, personal, convenient service with a 24 hour turn around is common. There is no minimum order size.  Brendan is available 7 days a week including evenings.

Giclée prints will stand up to age, air, humidity and UV light rays. When framed properly, under glass, they can be passed down from one generation to the next while remaining true to their original color.

Kathy's Prints

Kathy's prints are signed and numbered, limited edition prints. They are sold unmatted and unframed. They are shrink-wrapped sitting on a piece of foam core that is just large enough for them to lay on, but not large enough to be used in framing.

Kathy's prints are signed and numbered in the white space below the print's image. All the prints have titles in the white space below the image.

Framed prints of Kathy's works are also available, but you must call to discuss pricing. Framing costs are determined by the moulding, the type of glass, and the number of mats used. Brendan frames Kathy's prints up to the inked surface of the print, using a double mat. All the materials used are conservation quality.