Customer Comments

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"He's the BOMB!!! After years of suffering through crashes and glitches, Brendan built me a computer that could handle the massive demands needed for digital music production. It has made my life a heck of a lot easier."

Dean Kraus
Television Music Composer
Hurley, New York

"A few years back a salesman talked me into buying an iMac. It wasn't compatible with the software my grandchildren wanted, it was very slow and I was very unhappy with it. Brendan put together a used computer for me at a fraction of the price. He loaded it up with more memory than I can use in a lifetime. It's been running just fine, I can do everything I want, and the grandkids are happy.

Whenever I've needed help with something, I called Brendan and he connected to my computer over the internet. He's always just a phone call away now. The service is excellent and his prices are unbeatable.

I really appreciate the fact that before he recommended anything, he took the time to ask me what I would be doing with the computer. He wanted to make sure I got what I needed.
I'm happy to recommend him to anyone."

Donald Blow
Smyrna, Delaware

"I've known Brendan for more than 37 years, since undergraduate school, and we've shared some remarkable experiences. Along the way, he was an early adventurer with just-emerging personal computers, introduced me to my first (anyone remember the CP/M Kaypro II?) and gave me a sound foundation in basic computer 'smarts'. He's been my ultimate resource ever since.

Unlike me, he went on to secure nearly every certification offered by Microsoft and can always be counted on to be on top of the latest issues and technology. Maybe I'm a little jaded, but my thoughts go to things like a recent experience when I was assisting him, doing the on-site installation of a custom, high-powered system he'd spec'd out and assembled for another friend of mine. When the sophisticated applications were loaded, the machine behaved erratically.

In short order, Brendan had identified a flaw in the motherboard's BIOS, brought it to the attention of the incredulous high-end manufacturer and secured, with their sheepish acknowledgement, an update that solved the problem. The computer is a rocket and hasn't hiccupped since.

Experiences like that make me smile, but they're also a measure of Brendan's competence, diligence and perseverance. He's addicted to getting it right."

Paul Petruccelli
PMP Communications
Coram, New York

"We have had the pleasure of working with Brendan for a few years in setting up and maintaining our personal computer. Early on we recognized that he creates an aura of professionalism and confidence that we welcomed - whether our contacts were in person, on the telephone, or over the internet. Particularly noteworthy has been his assistance in resolving problems by taking control of our personal computer via the internet.

Brendan pursued all aspects of his responsibilities by thoroughly researching each point to insure accuracy and make sure we were completely satisfied. The end product of the work Brendan has provided us has, by far, exceeded our highest expectations."

Ella Robinson

CDR George Stewart, U.S.N. (RET)
Dover, Delaware

"My friends and neighbors consider me to be more computer literate than most; however, I have a secret weapon: Brendan Buschi.

I was introduced to computers by Brendan over 20 years ago. Brendan put together my first computer system for my home office back then. I keep going back to Brendan because - well frankly - Brendan knows his stuff and has helped me out of many computer problems over the years. I and my family can't recommend him more highly."

Dr. Robert P. Oliveri
Fort Pierce, Florida

"I would recommend Brendan to anyone who wants a well built, customized computer system. Being a photographer, I had very special requirements. Brendan listened to me and designed a computer to my specifications. I enjoyed working with Brendan and having the knowledge that he is easily available to answer questions and assist should any problems arise."

Donald Myles
Mylestone Photography
Belvidere, New Jersey

"When my wife and I went into business for ourselves it soon became apparent that in addition to producing and selling product we needed to keep track of a lot of information, e.g., inventory, customers, materials, accounting. We turned to Brendan for help. He provided the computer savvy we needed to manage the business. Almost twenty years later, the foundation Brendan put together for us is still serving us well. Brendan knows his stuff."

Don Vessey
Staunton, Virginia

“Our diesel fuel lab was having severe problems with its network for quite a while before we called in Brendan. We had one server servicing over twenty workstations and a high speed WAN line that worked intermittently at best. We had trouble communicating with our home office, vendors, customers, and each other. When the server went down, everything just stopped.

Brendan initially came in to get our server back up, which he did almost immediately. We asked him to take a look at the overall network and come up with a solution that would allow the network to remain functional when our one server failed. Brendan came up with a plan that utilized some of our old computers that were no longer in service. He turned two of those unused computers into domain controllers and that insured that our LAN would remain functional in the event of a single failure. He turned another into a firewall server and that isolated our internal computers from the public network – the Internet. Finally he took our best server, the one that had been doing everything and turned it into our mail and file server.

At the same time, he replaced our old router, which literally had wires held in place with duct tape, with a new Cisco router and he replaced our old slow hubs with fast switches. He then redid all of our workstations and configured all of the printers and other devices we had attached to those workstations. He instituted daily backup procedures and put all of the servers and key workstations on uninterruptible power supplies. He installed antivirus software on everything and setup a rational method of assigning permissions to users that enabled them to do their work while preventing them from inadvertently damaging the network’s configuration.

When our network was finished, it worked flawlessly. It was faster than ever and everyone was happy. His backup solution literally saved decades of collected scientific data that we would have lost if he had not discovered a flaw in our tape system.

Brendan continued to monitor and maintain our network remotely until our corporate service provider came on board. During that time he was there for us and our network became invisible to us. We got to focus on our laboratory work, not our inability to communicate. Our computers were no longer impediments to our work, they became reliable tools.

Brendan’s work was fast, effective, and professional. He cared about our network as much as we did and by putting old machines back into service, he cut down on our expenses while adding to our functionality. He did all this with minimal disruption to our laboratory.

We truly appreciate the great job Brendan did and I am happy to recommend him to anyone.”

Lisa Orth
Octel Starreon LLC
Newark, Delaware

"For a number of years my wife and I have tolerated an older Compact computer along with a slow dial-up internet connection. We have known Brendan and Kathy Buschi for a number of years through Kathy’s art work and the Dover Century Club where my wife, Sylvia, and Kathy are both active members.

Brendan talked to us about his computer work and finally convinced Sylvia and I to let him build us a new “Buschi special” computer along with a new Epson printer, a new ViewSonic screen and a new Microsoft keyboard. I went to Brendan’s home and looked at what he was using and then we ordered the parts over the internet. A few days later, once all the parts came in, I delivered them to his house and got an education in watching Brendan put all these various parts together to actually build me a new high speed computer. It was an amazing and educational experience for me.

Following the new computer construction, Brendan suggested that I get a Comcast high-speed internet connection. He came by our home and ran a new line for us and helped us hook up to the world of high speed internet. What a great difference our new “Buschi” computer and high speed internet connection has made in our lives. It is just wonderful to turn on the computer and instantly download any info I wish without any download “wait” time.

I would highly recommend Brendan Buschi’s talents and abilities to anyone wishing to travel 1st class into the exciting world of the new age computers. He certainly knows his stuff and could solve any of your computer problems in a short time."

Thomas S. Holt, President
Holt Distributor’s, Inc
Dover, Delaware

"Brendan Buschi deserves the highest praise! His work ethic, knowledge of computers and client communication is unbeatable!

Do NOT hesitate to call an era when far too many services Over promise and Under deliver, Brendan is the opposite - he Under promises and OVER delivers(!) and his turnaround time is unbelievably FAST.

His professionalism and integrity sets him apart.

My only regret is not calling him sooner!"

Sherry K. Pues, Artist
Magnolia, DE

"I find Brendan a pleasure to do business with. He is very knowledgeable about how to design a website that really works and promotes my art. I like the fact that Brendan takes pride in his work and is always striving to improve my site. That's refreshing in today's business world. I might add that he is a perfectionist and is all about getting it right the first time.

I would recommend him in a heartbeat."

William Patterson, Artist
Milton, DE