Kathy and Brendan met while attending the School of Social Welfare at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. When they married in 1977, they lived in Selden, New York. They have a daughter, Jessica, who was born in 1979. Jessica has a daughter, Ever, who was born in 2011 and twin boys, Castor and Wexford, who were born in 2013.

The Christmas prior to Jessica's birth, Brendan gave Kathy a set of oil paints as a present and Kathy began painting. When they moved to Virginia in 1980, neither one of them knew how their lives would change. They simply wanted to raise Jessica in a rural area.

In 1983, they moved to New Hampshire. It was there that Kathy sold her first painting. In 1993, they moved to Colorado and in 1996, they moved to Delaware. Since 1986, Kathy has been selling her paintings. In 1999, Kathy began offering limited edition prints of her work. In 2002, Brendan became Kathy's printer.

Brendan has exclusive rights to print and sell reproductions of Kathy's paintings. He does prints for other artists as well. Brendan provides an array of services including framing and computer related services.

Kathy and Brendan have relocated to Milton, Delaware. They have adjusted their lives so that Kathy has adequate time to paint. Brendan runs the business. They enjoy their visits with Jessica, Ever, Castor and Wexford. Zoey, Zachary and Tweety make up the rest of the family and they make sure everyday is filled with laughter and joy. Life just keeps getting better.

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