Framing Services

Brendan makes his frames from scratch. He stocks numerous mouldings.

Frames are chopped and assembled on premises. They are all custom made for your specific picture. All joints are glued and underpinned.

Glass and mats are also cut on premises. Brendan only uses conservation mats. He has both standard and TruGuard glass. Mat windows are cut using a precision pneumatic mat cutter.

Reframing and repairing can bring life to worn pieces.

Computer Services

Brendan builds custom computers to order. He repairs and services computers. He does software installations and provides training for individuals and groups.

Brendan designs, installs, upgrades and troubleshoots networks. He can help you decide on what equipment you need and what software to install. Making sound IT decisions before you invest in IT will keep your costs down and insure you get what you truly need.

Brendan also designs and programs websites. The websites he does are industry standard and W3C compliant.

It makes no difference whether you are an individual user, a small business or a corporation. When you hire Brendan to do work for you, he does it personally. The work will be done by an experienced, competent and highly certified person.